Yves Rocher

2 rue Kellermann
59100 Roubaix

Description :

🌿 Welcome to Yves Rocher, Creator of Botanical Beauty.
For 65 years, the Brand has combined botanical effectiveness and consideration of CSR issues. A pioneer in plant-based cosmetics, it is today the No.1* Beauty Brand in France, and shines in all four corners of the world.

Its unique control of its value chain allows the Brand to offer a wide diversity of expertises, from plant to skin: Botanists, Harvesters, Manufacturers, Retailers, as well as all the support functions that accompany the business.

Convinced of the strength of the collective, Yves Rocher relies on its 6,800 employees around the world and works every day for a more natural and more responsible beauty. Joining Yves Rocher gives sense to your job. #MakeTheChoicetoAct

🌎 Key data:
More than 20 million consumers in 90 countries Around 2,300 stores worldwide, 3,500 resale points and 1,100 institutes 250 million products sold per year

🌱 Commitments:
A French and efficient cosmetic based on plants • More natural formulas limiting the use of controversial ingredients • New beauty gestures reducing plastic • Certified organic plants grown using Agroecological methods • A more sustainable sourcing of botanical ingredients • Support the activities of our farming partners • A more energy-and water-efficient cosmetics industry • A brand whose employees take care for nature • Support the actions of the Yves Rocher Foundation • Make our daily lives greener together

*Kantar 2022, in volume and value.

Domaines d'expertise :
  • Instore experience
  • Marketing
  • Product
  • Store management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainability
Type de membre :
  • Retailer & Brand