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01 janvier 1970
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At Plug and Play, our core objective is to catalyze technological advancement.

Over the past 15 years, we have built the largest innovation platform on the planet, bringing together 35,000+ startups, 500+ world-leading corporations, and hundreds of venture capital firms, universities, and government agencies across 20+ industries.

We are now active in 40+ locations globally, including the U.S., China, France, Germany, South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Together with our partners, we are creating a unique ecosystem designed to facilitate meaningful introductions, invest in startups, and bring together key stakeholders.

The industries we focus on include Fintech, Insurtech, Brand & Retail, Mobility, Sustainability, Food & Beverage, Travel & Hospitality, Health & Wellness, and Supply Chain & Logistics.

🚀 Some of our success stories include Dropbox, PayPal (acq’d by eBay), Lending Club (NYSE: LC), NatureBox, SoundHound, Zoosk, Matcha (acq’d by Apple), VentureBeat, FiscalNote, CreditSesame, (acq’d by Google), Milo (acq’d by eBay), AddThis (acq’d by Oracle), Baarzo (acq’d by Google), ChangeTip (acq’d by Airbnb), Danger (acq’d by Microsoft), Ellie Mae (NYSE: ELLI), Vudu (acq’d by Walmart).

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